On January 30, 1958 a mass meeting took place at the Arcadia school.  The topic at hand was the organization of a fire department and its benefits to the community.  A long discussion took place after several speeches from community members a decision was made to move forward with the organization of a local fire department.  A motion was made to elect the board of directors and the hat was passed around to collect funds to get this project started.  A collection of $445.00 was taken up that night.  It was decided that the new fire department would answer all calls to protect life, property, and the commonwealth of the community.  The board of directors was put in charge of finding a location to build the department. Members of the community traveled around collecting donations of money and timber to build the fire department.  Community members donated the land and construction began. It was decided on March 24, 1958 that the townships of Reedy Creek and Hampton would be added to the coverage area of the fire department.  The name was changed to A-RC-H Fire Department.  The year 1979 brought about new changes for the department.  A rescue squad was formed and a transport unit was purchased to respond to medical calls.  The A-RC-H Fire & Rescue department still has the goal to protect life, property, and the commonwealth of our community.  The department is currently compromised of both men and women dedicated to serving their community.