Donations For The Lake Lure Forest Fire

A-RC-H Fire and Rescue and Reeds Fire Dept are coordinating efforts to collect items that are needed to assist the fire fighters and evacuees involved in the forest fires at Lake Lure. Donations may be dropped off at A-RC-H Fire and Rescue and Reeds Fire Department. The following is a list of needs:All food and drink should be sealed and unopened and in orginal packages(except fruit). Please be kind to vegans.

-Bottled Water                                       -Cliff bars
Gatorade                                            -Fresh Fruit(bananas)
-Beef Jerky                                             -Hard Candy
-Sun Flower Seeds                                -Snack Foods/Crackers
-Protein Granola Bars                          -Coffee
-Canned Foods     

-Spagetti O’s –
Franks’sand beans
****No Soda or alcoholic beverage*****

-boot socks                                                                 -chapstick
-free and Clear Laundry Detergent                       -toiletries
-Moleskin(blister prevention)                               -saline nose spray
-foot powder                                                             -personal hygiene
-baby wipes                                                              -duck tape(for blisters)
-eye drops                                                                 -Ziploc bags(all sizes)
-Ibuprofen                                                                – Benadryl
-Packaged Untensils (fork, knife,spoon etc.)
-To-Go boxes
-Large hand sanitizer
-AAA batteries-